We are an innovator Consulting Boutique Firm with over 15 years in the market, operating in more than 5 countries. Our wide industry experience focuses in the optimization and improvement of business processes, technological innovation and change management derived from transformation projects.

We help our clients discover more profitable opportunities, develop operational improvement projects and implement successful cutting edge technological solutions.

Our services aim to positively impact value drivers, generating full-fledged processes, technology, information and human capital.


  • We have a widely proven methodology intended to improve all dimensions of the company.
  • We are acquainted with the technological environment of the market, its suppliers, culture and ways of working.
  • We are aware of the organizational impact of operative and technological changing trends in the business.
  • We are knowledgeable about potential risks and critical success factors of the projects.
  • We are independent from technology providers.We offer a satisfactory cost-benefit relationship
Nueva Vida Organization

We seek to provide tools of
empowerment and self-confidence